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ACT Member Profile: Chris Nicodemus

Leading a hike in the Community Forest.

Leading a hike in the Community Forest.

Favorite thing about the CJCF? The central location of the CJCF between the four participating towns, makes it a catalyst to bring together these communities and provide a living history of how the region evolved from the late 18th century first settlers to the present.   This evolution was heavily influenced by the geography which is the community forest.

This region surrounds one with opportunities to experience nature, outdoor recreation, and the beauty of our landscapes on a daily basis, which most people living in metropolitan centers rarely if ever actually are able to do. My profession brings me away from the North Country to other parts of the world on a regular basis, but I am always happy to return home.

I’m happy out in the woods and very content to explore either with colleagues or alone. Searching for obscure landmarks on the depths of Cooley-Jericho Community Forest, or creating GPS tracks to help produce a trail map for the Foss Forest, or scouting for possible trail routes are all fun to me, and efforts I can squeeze into my busy but flexible schedule.

My first outing with ACT was the inaugural CJCF snowshoe hike in March of 2013. A friend and I came on our backcountry cross-country skis, while our wives used snowshoes. We traveled with the snowshoe group on the ascent to the Forest from Jim Noyes Road but once we reached the higher elevations we explored ahead on our skis in search of the Cole summit. When we rejoined the group we found Rebecca offering hot chocolate which she had heroically carried up in a large pack. New friendships were made, including with neighbors my wife and I had not known, and with visitors from outside the region. We capped the day with a tremendous ski back down to Jim Noyes Road, this time arriving well ahead of the snowshoe group and thus having time to ski about awaiting their return.