Cooley-Jericho Community Forest home


Hunting is allowed on this property. We ask that anyone who is hunting, please follow NH hunting regulations and be aware of other people in the Forest. If you would like to learn more about hunting in New Hampshire, please visit the NH Fish and Game website. Moose hunters please call 603-823-7777 to get written permission.

Hunting season generally begins in September and ends in December. We strongly encourage everyone to wear blaze orange clothing during these months. If you have dogs put them in a blaze orange vest or neckerchief.

We received funding from the competitive Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP), that is dedicated to preserving “the quality of life and traditional values of our state.” The Cooley-Jericho Community Forest is an example of traditional uses and heritage in the North Country, and hunting will always be allowed in the Forest.

Other ACT conserved lands where hunting is allowed includes:

– The Foss Forest, Sugar Hill
MacCornack Evelyn Forest, Sugar Hill
Gardner Mountain, Lyman
Johnson Farm, Monroe. The landowner continues to live on his land, and we ask that you contact him or ACT as a courtesy so we may notify him of hunting in advance.

The Gale Family Forest in Monroe, is the only property where written permission is required to hunt. Please email, or call the office at 603-823-7777 to request permission.