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ACT Hunting Roundtable

ACT is committed to having the public enjoy the land we own in as many ways as possible. Hunting is one of those uses, and keeping land open for hunting is one of our goals. Hunting is part of the heritage of the North Country, a traditional use on many lands, and it is an important contributor to our economy.

Join us on Sunday, March 22nd to participate in this Hunting Roundtable. This conversation will be facilitated by ACT Executive Director Rebecca Brown, County Forester David Falkenham, and Bob Mancini of NH Fish and Game. This event is free and open to the public.

As a relatively large landowner conserving over 3,300 acres, with members who have a range of interests and outlooks, and as an organization that is responsive to our diverse communities, ACT is beginning the process of developing a hunting policy for our lands.

We would appreciate hearing the views of hunters and those who enjoy our lands in other ways, including hikers, mountain bikers, and nature watchers.

Among the issues we will be looking at is whether some of our lands are best hunted with permission, and whether some should, for safety reasons, not be hunted at all. We will give an overview of the lands we own or have under easement where hunting is allowed. We will also look at how we can best work with hunters in our region to conserve lands that are important for game species.

When: Sunday, March 22nd from 4 p.m. onward

WhereWendle’s Deli, Franconia


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