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Stewardship Team

Stewardship Team Members

Many of the Stewardship Team members got involved at the beginning of the project and were enormous contributors to planning and building support for the Forest. Others joined after the land was acquired. Select boards in each of the four participating towns appoint an official representative. The Team encourages everyone with an interest to attend our work sessions and learn how you can be involved. 

Rebecca Brown ACT Executive Director
Jesse Mohr ACT Consultant
Lianna Lee ACT Outreach Coordinator
Ivan Ash ACT-Bethlehem
Angela Broscoe ACT-Bethlehem-Recorder
Ellen Pritham ACT-Easton
Steve Sabre ACT-Franconia
Suzanne Beauchesne ACT-Franconia
Rita Poland ACT-Landaff
Cassidy Rehl ACT-Sugar Hill
Dan Kenerson ACT-Sugar Hill
Justin Klein ACT-Sugar Hill
Ellie Glaessel-Brown ACT-Sugar Hill
Rufus Perkins ACT-Sugar Hill
Ned Cutler Easton Selectman
Chris Nicodemus Franconia Conservation Commission
Dot Wiggins Landaff Conservation Commission
Marilyn Booth Landaff Conservation Commission
Susan O’Hearn Landaff Conservation Commission
Joe Wiggett Lisbon Stump Jumpers
Robert Lockwood Lisbon Stump Jumpers
Julie Renaud-Evans Northern Forest Center-Facilitator
David Falkenham UNHCF
Geoffrey Sewake UNHCF

Currently we do not have anyone representing equestrian interests on our Stewardship Team. If you are a horseback rider and would like to share your expertise with us, please contact us at 603-837-7777.