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Plan Progress

During the first 18 months of our ownership we’ve spent considerable time learning what is on the land. Field work and research has been conduct and led by by consulting ecologist Jesse Mohr of Native Geographic.  Volunteers have helped with winter wildlife tracking and spring bird surveys. Mohr has identified a range of natural communities on the property, including some that are unusual in the region (explain NC and name the unusual ones) This work is informing the Stewardship Team’s management planning process (link).

We are in the final stages of this process, working through all the data collected and making management recommendations for each “unit” or area of the Forest.

Below are the natural communities map, a map showing our wildlife tracking transects, and a graphic showing  results of the wildlife surveys. We’ll be adding more maps from the planning process showing management units.

CJCF Natural Communities Map

This map shows the location of high elevation Spruce forest, Northern hardwood spruce forest, and Sugar Maple-Beech-and Yellow Birch forest.


CJCF wildlife transects

Our Citizen Scientists have gone out during the Winter of 2014 and recorded signs of wildlife. Check out our Citizen Scientist and Wildlife sections to learn more!

Wildlife Pie Chart

CJCF birds

Bird species that have been sighted or heard out on the Cooley-Jericho Community Forest.