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Locally Owned • Community Controlled • Conserved Forever 

Enjoying a hike out in the Cooley-Jericho Community Forest.

Enjoying a hike out in the Cooley-Jericho Community Forest.

What makes a community forest? The involvement of people! In all ways, the CJCF is a community project.

The Forest is owned by ACT on behalf of the communities. This means that decisions about how we use the land – where the recreational trails go, future timber harvesting, how we involve the local schools, and so on – are made by the citizen Stewardship Team. This group, which is an official part of ACT,  has representatives from Easton, Franconia, Landaff, and  Sugar Hill, ACT, and various interests or user groups, including hunters, snowmobilers, mountain bikers, and backcountry skiers.

We meet more or less monthly, and anyone with an interest is invited to attend. Be sure to sign up (see “subscribe” button in the lower right corner) below for notifications for meeting dates and agendas.

The Stewardship Team is in the final stages of work with consulting ecologist Jesse Mohr, whom we hired to help us create a long-term plan for the managing the Forest. Through extensive field work and GIS analysis, we are now able to begin to understand the land as a whole, including its soils and topography, waterways, natural communities, forest types, and how the numerous species of wildlife there use the land for breeding, bedding, foraging, and travel. If you are interested we strongly encourage you to look at our maps of the Forest. We will hold community gatherings this Spring to share our findings. Information from our January Stewardship Team meetings can be found here.